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Three year difference dating

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Especially if they're celebrating a big birthday, like 25 otherwise known as quarter-of-one-hundred-lol. A question I receive often is, "How did you make the decision to date and marry a younger guy?

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Why do I feel like crying when I make out with my girlfriend? Dear Mona, What is the average age difference among couples?

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A 37 year old dating a 25 year old is different from a 30 year old dating an 18 year old. But 18 and Other moms, like Rita D.

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My mind was reeling. As Kevin and I broached some tough topics in conversation at the advice of wise counselsomething occurred to me.

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If there's one thing that causes parents of teens stress, it's their adolescents' romantic relationships. Helping young adults mature in Christ and prepare for marriage and family. There could be lots of couples who, like you and your three year difference dating, are increasing the average age difference but are still in the minority.

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Then he approached the table with the same winning smile … and I thought, or is it? Share On googleplus Share On googleplus. After spending a few days trying to adjust to the fact that the handsome co-leader of my small group was seven years my junior, I had just realized that he was actually eight years younger!

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Leah says one of her biggest concerns when considering a man 10 years younger was whether he had the maturity to understand her needs and take care of her. Is an age difference of 3 years bad?

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I'd just done the math. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp Share.


In case you're wondering, I dating in the dark 2013 that guy eight months later. And while the same life stage can seem to erase an age difference, Willy Wooten, a licensed marriage and family therapist, who has been counseling for over 30 years, encourages couples to think ahead.

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If you care about her don't worry over such a minor thing. If you're considering getting serious with someone significantly older or younger than yourself, these are important things to discuss.