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The number of ways to get sauce all over your face knows no bounds. If you meant this as an Aggie texas about not knowing where Vidor is, then that reflects well on us that we don't know where one of the most racist Texas towns is located.

Live your life fully, stay joyful and that magic will happen when you least expect it, as many say. Where you went to college actually matters College football rivalries are alive and killing it.

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We actually stopped and spoke with both of them There's this hook up killeen tx shopping district developing at the corner of campus, there's not much there yet but it should be more fleshed out by the time you get here. There is probably no other university that develops greater character and camaraderie in its students.

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In Houston, I've never once noticed a strange look. An excited orientation guide ran up, his spurs jangling against the cobblestone, beautiful snakeskin lucheese boots and a Kevin Fowler shirt. Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. I don't really think twice if I see an Interracial scene. Man there's tons of clubs.

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If you're from a city inside the beltways, it will be extremely conservative and a culture shock for you. The community is conservative and family oriented I have to say that I hated college station and the aggie culture. I've never thought to stop and stare at an inter-racial couple.

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I'm not saying it won't work for you here Say anything about your dating There must be some Ags out there who can explain to TeachCal how great Aggieland is, give her first-hand account.

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If your political views are so fragile as to be offended by being around those who hold different opinions than you, you might want to re-examine them and spend a while getting more life experience. If you are in a small major or are in the Honors Dorm, you can still get a small college feel.

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Page 1 2 3. I love my town and feel comfortable here.