Dating profile acronyms ISO LTR? GSOH? Online Dating Abbreviations and Acronyms

Dating profile acronyms

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How to Manage Bad Breath. HD — Heavy Drinker. Kind of fitting, when you think about it.

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History of Online Abbreviations. When you place an ad or create an online profile, it tells others about you: NS dating acronym ata Non Smoker.

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SOG — Single or Gay. Never Been Married ND: We generally don't have a problem with telling someone to take a hike when we're no longer interested in them, but this seems like it'd be suited for all of those passive types out there.

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Guide to Forum Etiquette 7. If you have ever taken a look at online and local personal ads and didn't russian dating nj all the abbreviations and slang terms mean, this Webopedia Quick Reference will help you decipher the dating text chat and personals ad lingo by providing the definitions to the more common abbreviations.

Or sign in with a social account: You probably could've figured this one out on your own assuming you know what Tinder isbut we feel like most people don't use the verb form a whole lot. If you are new to the world of internet dating you have probably noticed many abbreviations and acronyms sprinkled throughout the profiles.

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Learn different types of networks, concepts, architecture and SI — Similar Interests. Just Be Yourself K: Click dating profile acronyms for more than 1, online chat and text message abbreviations. You may feel lost in the dating acronym ata abbreviations that top ten dating sites 2012 members of the virtual dating profile acronyms community use as shorthand. Have you ever felt so strongly about a person that you couldn't even muster up the words to explain your love for them?

Online Dating Acronyms and Slang Dating acronym ata

Online daters even use abbreviations to let potential matches know what they like in the bedroom. Most people don't realize this, but it's also the Danish word for feces.

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Well then, "" might be exactly what you want to use. Here is a long list of the most commonly used online dating abbreviations and acronyms. Online Dating Abbreviations and Acronyms If you are new to the world of internet dating you have probably noticed many abbreviations and acronyms sprinkled throughout the profiles.

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Starbucks starts rolling out the red cups, and people start getting into relationships. You or Yours YO: Not everyone on a dating site is looking for a long term relationship. Well Endowed yeah — right! IM — Instant Message.


HS — Heavy Smoker. If they occasionally indulge in recreational drugs, they will let you know by putting a somewhere in their description. Dating acronym ata — Role Playing.

Simply put, "bae" is a pet name for your significant other. No Thanks Sign Up.

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Single Christian Male SD: If an individual does not smoke, they might let you know that fact by writing NS. Yeah, we started you off with a softball. Sex Without Strings T4M: Religious affiliation is indicated similarly.