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Which upcoming event are you looking forward to?

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I don't know how to compete when they are probably prettier and have better personalities than me. I agree with most of hte people above. But you could be more friendly in class.


The moderators reserve the right to act on a case-by-case basis. You have to shake the nervous jitters off, and talk to him like you would a friend. Ask me something bro.

I'm actually very old fashioned. Same age or up to 4 years older is fine for me. The official Minecraft server is in need of a new logo!

What do you think of a junior dating a sophomore? We have been dating since I was a junior and he was sophomore. I dated a younger guy a few years ago and it was hard because he didn't drive and was somewhat immature about things.

Right now, you are worried that......

Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. It sucks when nice guys are just nice, not interested! I want to great dating profile bios the waters a little but I don't know how.

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I really prefer people my own age or in my grade. Lol I need some motivation and proof that this is possibke. Already have an account? At what age is it not acceptable for a parent of the opposite gender to accompany their kids with the doctor?

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How can a flirt with him without seeming too aggressive? He doesn't use online as often, so I can't randomly just talk to him there. I don't recommend dating younger guys, just because girls mature faster so, especially at your ages, there's quite a bit of difference in maturity.

If you try to "send him signals," they'll probably all fly WAY over his head.

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