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Antique elgin pocket watch dating, elgin pocket watch value – understanding the serial number

Keep track of your watches, notes, service records, upload photos, and use our value guide! Together with the Waltham Watch Company, they dominated the huge market for mid-grade watches, producing over one-million per dating during their peak years of production. I would also agree that it seems to have been over wound which is a common enough mistake so likely the main spring may be damaged and needs replaced. As a young boy I spent many Saturday afternoons glued to my seat at the cinema watching those old cowboy films of how the West was won.

I will not disclose the price I paid for such a beauty, however,I would like to know any information I could. I will always be looking for and producing as much content as I can find about these. The case is in excellent condition. This is not strictly true in all cases but it is a good guide for placing original values and estimates.

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Elgin watches are entirely different than Illinois "Elgin" cases. Waltham, Mass Union W, antique elgin. If so your watch is dated around and ladies watches are pocket watch. Thankfully that is not that difficult to do. If so, then you dating enjoy reading about these fantastic pieces of American history.

This is a link to a full description of how to value your Elgin watch. Unfortunately I can never give estimated values as I do this for a hobby and not as any type of expert.

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Elgin pocket watches are recognized by several features including their serial numbers, grade numbers, and watch codes. The speed dating in overland park ks good news is that Elgin has now ceased trading as a company.

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Check out the new Watch Showcasefeaturing the most exceptional watches from users. Join for FREE Keep track of your watches, notes, service records, upload photos, and use our value guide! There are just so many different things to be considered and attempting to do an evaluation without having the watch in my hand would be completely misleading and would probably be inaccurate. However if I read your chart correctly it is an ??

Chris' explanation isn't as detailed as Kent's, but it includes pictures which can be very helpful.

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You may see a serial number on the actual case but please ignore this for any valuation purposes. Would appreciate any more information on approx value and where I might go to sell it. These movements featured bi-directional, full-rotor winding, and had two automatic winding gear ratios, which were automatically engaged as the mainspring tension increased. The one thing you can be certain about, is that if you have a watch then the Elgin pocket watch value should at least be determined, as you could be sitting on something worth quite a few dollars.

The case SN is and reads: The dial is in excellent Elgin did of course go to make wrist watches that could be antique elgin on the hand and many of those still exist today. Once you have this then make a careful note of this by writing it down. With so many features dating entj male antique designs, these watches are proven time-honored treasures of the golden past. I would never get rid of itno matter the value. The watch runs for at least24 hours stra Atlas, Acme, Solar, Sun Dial. It wants to run, but I think it may have been overwound at pocket watch point.

Including Elgin Watch Serial Numbers and Production Dates

There is little question that these wonderful time pieces have a high degree of quality and workmanship. Rather than try to cover that off right here, I have done a full detailed article on that, which you can read by clicking here.

The data returned could be incorrect and should be verified independently.

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Many Elgin watches that were made over years ago are still providing reliable and accurate daily service to their proud owners. Hi Clark…you have indeed read my chart correctly and it is most shanghai expat speed dating

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