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I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts! Actual dating 16 with strict curfew. I have a very open relationship with my children and I know what they're doing.

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Learn more about your feedback. Let them date whenever they want. Christ IS the only answer!

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They don't care when you decide to allow them to formally get picked up and taken out to a movie or dance, and they're not waiting for that big event to pursue their romantic lives.

Related Topics Big Kid dating. No one marries the first person they date these days and if they do it is almost certainly a recipe for disaster. Our rule is that dating is preparation for marriage and you aren't ready for marriage until your education is completed.

George Comerci, a Tucson pediatrician, told HealthyChildren.

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What are some tips for approaching your teenager about who they are dating? But, teenage hormones aren't terribly impressed by it.

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He was 15, and I was 13, and our relationship is pretty good. By the time they hit 15, most begin pairing up. I married at 17 and I had so much more to learn even now I continue to learn. But sometimes it does not work out fine at all for a couple!

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Take note of how your child reacts when you discuss dating. We have a lot of the same rules in our home.

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What is your main concern? Hello moms, I'm new here!

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I basically let him know he was on probation. Another at age The vast majority of first loves never make it past high school.

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Not trying to determine an 'age' that is right. By Susan Ing-Simmons - commented on Jul 11, If she refuses to open up or have an attitude, you already know, she is not ready.

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Set your goals high. Give them what they need to know and help guide them. Neither one of our kids had a car of their own as teenagers, our daughter bought one her Junior year of college, our son is now 27 and has never owned a car. This worked well since they were all involved with G.

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By Blair Ball - Posted on Jan 31, But overall, I understand that my parents choice was to protect me from a few things fizzle out dating I wasn't ready for, even at At what age did you or will you allow your kids to start dating? It is a relevant question, in a society that pushes dating at such online dating site 2013 young age.