Sister dating my best friend Ask Polly: My Best Friend Is In Love With My Sister!

Sister dating my best friend

Basically, my sister, bud and I all work at the same retail store and have the same group of friends.

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Also, we're both incredibly attracted to each other after hanging out a few times in gatherings with my 'sis and her boyfriend thereand I always catch this girl looking at me, and once we were all squished on a sofa and she curled up with her head on my chest and sighed when I put my arm around her. But best of luck anyway, hopefully it works out.

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I told my sister that if shit goes down, people are going to start choosing sides and if it doesn't break down peacefully, someones' going to be kicked out of our 'circle' and it could have a sister dating affect in the workplace. I don't know what to do, do I wait for him to break up with her and just be a friend right now or do I go for it. I know the guy, he's honest friendly and all that, but you could be the greatest guy in the world and still make mistakes.

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BlackSwordsman01Jun 8, People here have already commented on the speed dating dk around this budding relationship, so a little wariness isn't out of line. No one is perfect, regardless of how amazing a friend someone is.

The Foolproof Guide To Dating Your Best Friend's Sister

Hopefully it goes great, but I know sometimes shit can hit the fan, which I'm hoping doesn't happen at all and we can still hang like normal. I was fine with it at first, excited for them homeschool dating surprised that my best friend who took me out to lunch to tell me thought it was going to be an issue for me.

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Where are you gonna take her on your first date to the Mall? Believe me, your sister could easily get other dick if she wanted to.

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She's old enough, I would not care. It can lead to complications in friendship if things don't go to well. You deffo need to ask ur sister 1st, Two of my friends were best friends with eachother, and one of them started going out with the other ones bester brother, they were secretive and didn't want any1 to know. I'd hate to have some of my friends date my sister.

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I think he's a great friend and person in general, but I'm just concerned that he's not all there right now after just getting out of such a long relationship. She must have a huge ass. Want to add to the discussion? There are a lot of potentially good things about this: Where do you find all these girls?

If he's a decent guy, I don't see the problem.

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ClubsauceJun 8, Either way, it'd be awkward as hell, whats the point in being best friends with a guy then he trades you in for your sister dating Omnomnom26Jun 8, Don't have an account?

However this was high school and for some reason the mother was very very against it and forbid it.

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I know in Texas or something it was Things will go waaaaay smoother if you give them your blessing and give them a strong showing of support best friend making things awkward. OP has been growing on me. But it just bothers me so so so so so much.

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You are using an out of date browser. The only reason he's dating her is because he's a caring person and she threatened to kill herself if he didn't.

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What is the best way to ask out my friends sister on a date? My dad had died of a heart attack, out of the blue, a few months earlier. They were both independently pretty open with me about having a crush on each other and I could tell it was an awkward topic for both of them, but I could see how they acted around each other and I always said, "You guys don't need my persmission.

She and I are 4 years apart and very close, though I've never felt like I needed to "act like a big brother" with her.

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Also he's a sophomore and I'm a freshman in high school