Jung ah dating onew After School’s Jung Ah Clears Up Dating Rumors with SHINee’s Onew

Jung ah dating onew

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Is he expected to walk around in full-on make-up during his personal time, just because there might be fans around? She is doing him a favor tbh lol.

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A lot of Korean guys tend to date their noonas or older females, actually a lot of the celebrity couplings are older female-younger guy pairings. Minha March 25, at 1: First of all, there is no tobacco or tobacco products, though some can contian nicotine.

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They'll probably only confirm something when someone gets pregnant or got someone pregnant. Yet, there is something personally disgusting to me about smoking, even though many studies have shown electronic cigarettes do not have the smell or the heavy dose of carcinogens that conventional cigarettes have.

Shin Se Kyung seems nice, and she doesn't need that kind of bullshit from underage fans.

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This made me remember of that day I knew of the JungNew couple as they make a good dating profile, I thought it was true. To this end, I hope everything is all right with Lee Jinki; that rumors of his continuing depression are false. Either that, or he just gives no fucks anymore which is also very plausible, his track record this promotional cycle givenlol. Well but we all agree that Onew still looks so young beside Jungah. He is the leader of the group.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Email required Address never made public. I'm actually glad to see him dating, if he's happy that's fine. What is up with SHINee getting to their ideal types?

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Aside from this being surprising, the combination just doesn't match at all;; 2. The number of single women has increased in South Korea and fangirls sabotaging their own gender with this negative social perception. There are many kinds of electronic cigarettes and some DO look like pens these days.

I know I was really routing for them, he was ultimate bias and I want him to date! Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.


Jungah laughed and said, " Onew and I have been really ah dating onew for a very long time. You think if they were dating, they'd admit it?

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We were just laughing at it. Honestly, he has no physical signs of being a smoker.