Walgreens dating An SFL has been dating/living with a photo tech at my store for over a year

Walgreens dating

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There isn't a policy about staff dating staff non-management. Alto Fountain Hills, AZ.

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So you may recall that I mentioned briefly, hyper-cautiously that I had a new Thing going on. Whether violations of any rules or policies are found or not, I don't think there is any real solution but a transfer.

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In my opnion, there really is no way around that dating other than to transfer one of the employees. But bear with me.

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Still, rules are rules, so report it if it becomes enough of a problem for you or anyone else. Thanks for kicking off the conversation! In fact, neither does he. I've been in stores where all different types of family members worked in the same store and dating employees were dating each other, but never where one was in charge of overseeing the others work.

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The relationship between the sfl and the photo tech does not warrant a cause for alarm. Apr 13 Location hidden Please wait If it doesn't interrupt production, usually DM is ok with it. Indeed, you can't control who you have datings for but this can lead to many problems that can be avoided by simply making the relationship known and then one of the two people involved being transfered to another store.

However, the dating policy was written when there was no such position as an SFL so, as of now, there isn't anything in writing that prohibits an SFL from dating an employee.

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Jun 12 1, Location hidden Please wait This isn't a policy the company is strict on. Thanks for your comment!

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Lol, ah yes, so until Walgreens updates their policies; they can enjoy their relationship freely and openly. Forgot your username or password?

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It totally depends on the DM as far as enforcement. I've worked with CLs who themselves are a bit "fuzzy" on policy so I wouldn't necessarily trust everything they say.

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You wouldnt be saying that if you fell for someone at your store. However remote it may be: I can picture him. If this is something that you cannot live with, pull a transfer.

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This stuff goes on all the time in every major company and Walgreens is no different. People tend to get in relationships with people they work with,it happens.

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But I do want to tell you this: And yes, I know of several Walgreens employees who were transferred to other stores because they started dating each other and ended up married, but most of time it doesn't end like that.

There are at least PPL's where we acknowledge that. No hours for Pharmacist.

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