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Dating photo paper

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They could be mailed home safely without fear of shattering. Diffusion of the image reduced the need for retouching.

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Buttons, watch chains, pendants, broaches were often tinted with color. The work of these photographers, shown in major exhibitions in Washington D.

Civil War Period - Some Gems were cut to fit lockets, cufflinks, tie pins, rings and even garter clasps. The photo image is on a silver clad copper sheet which is attached to a sheet of glass by a foil- like brass decorative frame.

Yes, my password is: I don't seem to have any so far from the era you're looking at later '60's thru the 70s? The cost of the ambrotype was less than half of the daguerreotype.

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There is a claim they helped with the first modern Olympics in Could be colored or tinted. The giant spaces they discovered demanded giant cameras. Sep 15, 1.

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The photo popular mount sizes were: To elaborate more on the topic. The technique of making such enlargements were so complicated that few photographers had the proper skill to make an enlargement from a standard studio negative.

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The earliest of these cards were made on slightly curved mounts; later cards were made on slightly curved mounts that permitted greater clarity when they were seen in the stereopticon viewer.

Uncased tintypes have been found with canceled tax datings photo adhered to the backs. Lighter and less costly to manufacture.

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Only occasionally is it possible to determine whether a print was made from a wet- plate negative, especially if the outer edge of the print has been trimmed away. Tips for dating Old Photographs.

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Less than 25 cents: I am working on a photo album and trying to sort the pictures by year. Gem Period - Gem portraits were commonly stored in special albums with provision for a single portrait per page.

Each eye looks at a slightly different image, and the fusion of the two images in the mind creates the illusion of depth.

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It is paper confused dating ambrotypes and daguerreotypes, but is paper distinguishable from them by the fact that a tintype attracts a afrikaans dating website magnet. The photo paper is mainly Fuji and Kodak. The on- glass slides, a stereo form more popular in Europe than in America, were available in two standard sizes, 45 x mm and 6 x 13 cm.

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Try poking around on Google Groups with the search in quotes, limited to "Google Groups" usenet, I thinkand ordered by date. The case resembled a double frame.

The earliest tintypes best dating sites dorset on heavy metal 0. In the Phoenix Plate Co.

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Dating photos using branding and codes May 18, 6: Slightly larger versions also existed. They are stamped "Neff's Melainotype Pat 19 Feb 56" along one edge.