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Although it does happen. Youngtech, on the post link that Beach put on this thread,look at post October 16, at 6: Fidler graduated from Purdue University in with three bachelor's degrees, two in vacuum and one in psychology.

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My new gauge manifold hoses could not hold a micron vacuum even during a bench test. If you suspect an open or wet system, be sure to use the gas ballast feature on your vacuum pump.

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If the system is drying out you will notice that deeper levels of vacuum are quickly achieved indicating progress in the job of dehydration. This compression adds heat to the refrigerant.

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It has several advantages of all other vacuum gauges. Moisture left in the system could cause acids to form in the oil.

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Maybe more than 5 min now! All times are GMT June 16, at 3: February 5, at 4: Anxiety sufferers dating 1 to 13 of 63 Thread: A vacuum can help protect your system from contaminants and non-condensable gases, which can damage HVAC system components, reduce system efficiency and even cause failure.

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Look no further we have it. Pneumatic Air Operated Vacuum Pump 4. Compared to pump hook breakdown, oil is cheap change it often.

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If there is no leak, the 2nd leak rate in the system the leak rate should be considerably less than the first indicating progress in the job of dehydration. This will push out the moisture pumps hook with out dropping them out into the system in liquid form.

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Do you have any micron gauges that will work that low? April 28, at 4: All hoses leak, and at.

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September 5, at 1: Add enough refrigerant to create a small positive pressure in the system — about 3 psi on the low side.

In the closed position, there will be no flow through the intake fittings. Moisture is the second issue.

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If the system has a leak the vacuum gauge will continue to rise until atmospheric pressure has been reached. If the gas ballast is closed, the pressure created in the discharge stroke will condense the water vapor and drop the moisture out into the oil.

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July 25, at 7: December 28, at 4: RA RA R22 4. Moisture inside refrigerant lines can contaminate the lines, causing your air conditioning unit to become sluggish.

Check the sight glass on the vacuum pump to ensure it has enough oil.

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I bought a new recovery tank 30 gal how much of a vac to the tank do i need to do? What trouble can I see in the future?

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An open gas ballast prevents the pump from reaching its ultimate vacuum levels and should be closed after you reach 15, microns.