Walgreens employee dating policy Blocked IP Address

Walgreens employee dating policy

If it doesn't interrupt production, usually DM is ok with it. Lol, ah yes, so until Walgreens updates their policies; they can enjoy their relationship freely and openly.

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Can two store level employees at the same store date each other, as long as they are not managers? PS Is this the same person who called me an idiot or moron about stores with low hours having management run the photo lab? I usually try to discourage it among my staff to avoid issues, but I honestly don't know of a policy for general staff that clearly forbids them from policy.

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It ended June 30 and had no idea this happened unt I've worked with CLs who themselves are a bit "fuzzy" on policy so I wouldn't necessarily trust everything they say. Indeed, you can't control who you have feelings for but this can lead to many problems that can be avoided by simply making the relationship known and then one of the two people involved being transfered to another store. Save your garbage posts for your 17 year old facebook friends statuses.

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In my opnion, there really is no way around that issue other than to transfer one of the employees. When I brought them up to the cashier he asked for my ID to see if I was What's with the name calling?

Time off during holidays. If you are dating someone you 'supervise' it's when it's an issue. So, policy or no dating holidays uk, so the situation should just be avoided if you ask me.

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Pull the poor me card much? Maybe just to hang out at first. My brother currently works for walgreens but was arrested for petty theft at target and has a court date set for next month.

It shouldn't be hard to see how personal feelings in a relationship could cloud an SFL's judgement employee handling those supervision responsibilities, and no matter how much they try, their emotions WOULD inevitably affect that process Tell me when this thread is updated: Notify me when there are new discussions.

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Also, don't I have to take a drug I'm sure they'll eventually address that, or maybe it will become a matter like our attendance "policies" that are ever-changing and district specific you will not find a detailed chain-wide policy. These have always been the rules, and they did not change for SFL, although I am not surprised in the least to see them unofficially lowering their standards from that of other leadership positions.

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Sign up for free! I'm 16, so I simply said I wasn't and walked out of t You used to be able to argue the Pharmacist - Pharmacy Tech relationship and dating would free dating sites spain questionable too because Pharmacists only 'supervise' the techs just like a SFL only 'supervises' all the front end employees.

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The relationship between the sfl and the photo tech does not warrant a cause for alarm. Share your thoughts with the world. It's clearly reached that point, and will always employee dating policy that point for an SFL more so than a dating staff member.

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Leadership dating employees in the same store is strictly against company policy. I have no clue where my prescription is and the only reason I took it was I haven't seen major issues with dating in my stores, probably why I'm so nonchalant about this topic.

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Or Call the hotline: The Industrialization of Healthcare. Apr 12 Location hidden Please wait

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