Is austin and ally dating in real life 2015 10 Reasons Ross Lynch and Laura Marano Need to Date, Like, Now

Is austin and ally dating in real life 2015, 7 celebrity couples that put a ring on it at the wonderful world of disney

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No, Laura Marano and Ross Lynch are not dating. They are perfect for each other I every way.

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They aren't but I wish they were together. Click through the gallery below to find out whether or not Ross and Laura are crushing on each other in real life!

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Of course they are dating in real life cuz in austin and ally they look sooo happy together and unless and they were going with each other in real life they wouldn't have pulled it off in austin and ally.

They are so good together.

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Stop putting pressure on them! But i do think they should be together!

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Ross and Laura are a really cute together but it's up to themif them if they want to date. No I dont think they do. Ross Lynch and Laura Marino are a good couple.

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I think they should date in real life. I personally don't think that they are dating, but they totally have it. Honestly, there are tons of cute couples out there but there's really only one couple we'd like to see smooch at midnight.

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What if they don't like each other that way. But I may be wrong.

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Dec 31, 2: Ross and Laura are not dating but they are very comfortable with each other. I don't really know,really if their dating but I really think they should.

Even though I am a huge raura shipper. No, but I hope they do.

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On tv they are a good couple in real life they will be a good couple. Let's leonard and amy dating on blossom and keep are hopes up! Is it true that Ross Lynch and Laura Marano are dating in real life?

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I honestly think, don't take this the wrong way. Besides, they're only 17, maybe it will happen in a couple of years time: I don't care who as long as there happy ps. I think it true because acting strange.

No but, I think they like each other. They are dating on the show, but not in real life.

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