How hots matchmaking works MMR Information

How hots matchmaking works

You could use that to argue "why does HL even exist" but not the opposite.

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Again, if you want to have a certain Match Making Ranking, and only play with those players, and not move up or down, this is literally what Quickmatch and Unranked Draft do. It matchmakings the next 10 minutes or so a slog. Also, why do people downvote everything on these forums when somebody asks a question? Yeah but then I'm giving up the how hots of having a good game.

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My current best lvl is 17 with warrior and all i que into are people with expansions. The matches for high level players are simply decided by who has more high level players on their team, since a GM player is weighted the same as a D3 player, since they have the same rank. Oh yeah, the whole thing is unfair undoubtedly.

The game kept giving them harder and harder opponents until it found out what they could take.

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I was in a game with someone yesterday who kept making really dumb decisions and then getting mad at the team. The Barbarian went solo mid pressed q into two people, whirlwinded and died within 3 seconds.

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You do realize this is a team based game where Blizz intentionally balances away from solo carry right? Or the suicidal illidans, Thall's, and Jainas that get good stats but just horribly die accomplishing nothing all game long. Anyone can be matched with anyone in co-op mode.

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Additionally, get a weak player to grab the DK or Terror and all of a works your game might be completely thrown. Confidence interval has been loosened even further. These people were not around Dating events lincolnshire, I guess if you're going to try to abuse this, you've been waiting almost a year to do so betting on a change that wasn't announced until recently.

How does matchmaking work?

I mean, i started to play ranked not so long ago, like a week ago, but i think i'm not a bad player i've a lot of experience in others moba. In which case, you are not the the skill level of the rank you are placed at, and should move down the ladder.

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This is a situation that obviously doesn't apply to the general population.