Glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating Glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating

Glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating

Well - Rachel smiles.

Login Stay on this Page. He looks at his clock and sighs hating getting up at 7: Everyone knows your history!

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Rachel looked absolutely perplexed. Puck thought life was pretty good right about now. It's not like that.

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When he wasn't accusing him of doing things he didn't do or being a dick to Rachel. Can you make it? Santana after admitting to Rachel, Noah and Kurt that she was, in fact, gay. Your review has been posted.

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For the time being it would remain theirs and just theirs. Smirking at the song choice, he strolled over to Rachel and sat down next to her on the piano bench.

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She grinned, finding it incredible sweet that he kept massaging her foot even while she slept. Everyone knows me and Quinn are just for popularity!

Chapter 28 Finally Home She had on black high heeled boots that went to her knees. Sure he might be a little bit in love with her, but only a little bit.

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He thought it made her smart looking! I have no heat- I told you. Finn lets go of Santana and smiles widely.

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Login 40 days dating project on this Page. I'm sorry Finn but I don't like you anymore and will you please stop asking me out? When she got to school she'd got slushied so she had to change, then right before lunch she'd got slushied AGAIN.

Not a bad flip Berry, if you weren't so small I'd say join the wrestling team. Puck sighs, leans his guitar against the piano and walks towards Rachel.

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Just In All Stories: Why didn't you tell the guys that you really liked her? Artie sighed looking down, "Fine, I believe you.

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