How do i hook up a line out converter Want to Connect an Amp to Your Radio?

How do i hook up a line out converter

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Find More Posts by Reach. It also touches on field target competition. Find More Posts by Erick Sermon. Very cool, but one contemplation here. This one adds the ability to produce a remote turn-on output.

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Run your RCA wires and remote wire to your Amplifier and then enjoy improved music quality: Originally Posted by Reach Doesn't sound like you've got the right wires. This is not generally a good idea. All JL amps will take it.

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You are basically parallel-connecting the 4ohm speakers with the Low-Line converter. It has a fader control feature also that means; we can hook 2 channel amplifier or 4 channel amplifier easily and cannot lose any fader control.

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When the head unit is offthe voltage on the output wires is 0 volts DC. Then unplug everything, put it all back in your dash and plug it all back together again If it doesn't work, make sure you have tested the connections with a multimeter and redo any that fail Also, my converter has "Gain adjusters" on the Pampa dating you can adjust with a screwdriver, be sure they aren't turned all the way down, i'm sure they don't go all the way to 0 signal but it's best to be sure: Leave feedback for Nightmare 0.

I spent way too much time figuring out which places to use, so I know this is correct information.

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I've had no issues at all, the converter doesn't put a load worth considering on the rear speaker circuits as it's only really "listening" to the signal, it draws all its power separately from a 12v feed.

Want to Connect an Amp to Your Radio?

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Find More Posts by Nightmare Find More Posts by eJack. Everything works fine but sometimes i get a loud humming sound from the subwoofer.

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For the REM wire, I recommend wiring it to a fuse in your fuse box to prevent battery drain. There is only front and rear speaker input but the amp also supplies a woofer?

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I had heard around 11v which would fry most amps. Can anyone answer the question.

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Leave feedback for Reach 1. This, at the very least, can destroy the converter.

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The following image shows what the inside of a basic line output converter looks like. Originally Posted by Erick Sermon Reach I'm how do i hook up a line out converter thinking of an XD amp, but have heard of guys blowing the input due to voltage being too mbs4fun online dating. Getting dating devon online can be a bit unreliable and expensive. The resistor is used to load the amplifier in the head unit.

Your converter should come cl dating skrillex wiring instructions so you will just need to match up the wires and splice them with the scotch blocks, use the pliers to press the metal nhs dating website bar so you can be sure of a good connection.