Dating a guy who already has a kid Why wouldn't you a date a woman with a child?

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And what a nice man. I wanted to start my own family from the ground up.

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There are many reasons why a woman could be a single parent. I'm lucky if I get a text message asking me how my weekend was on Sunday night.

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Child number two is mine and lives with me thanfully. Very honest and helpful article. So i moved back to be with her. However, if the kid would have lived nearby and would have over every weekend I would have either been single or with a man without kids. I realized the relationship would be tough dating u hrvatskoj i figures i could handle it.


There is another point to be made as well depending on the circumstances a woman with three kids by three different fathers is going to not be a good candidate to settle down with. This will sound cold but I think she should give her child up temporarily to somebody trust worthy for a few years while we develop career and future.

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Call me selfish all you want but I'm like you Steph - no men with kids! The breakdown is this.

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As a mature woman you are not held back, you do not burden your partner, with inexperience and uncertainty! Forgive us for losing our crystal ball ya freakin' idealist nut bags.

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I was married at one time with a woman with an Autistic daughter, and i never had any kids of my own. So pls run away single ladies dont date a guy wit kids.

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He has to know your children come first. You never know about the kids until you get to experience them with their mom in their own environment. Chris, My name is Matthew. Againyou need to take some damn responsibility for your actions.