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One direction preferences your fake dating, (1d) you're in a fake relationship with him, and you fall for each other

And to be honest I was a bit peeved you wouldn't be there.

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Louis had almost lost it when a fan had suggested your relationship wasn't real - which of course it wasn't, but no one was meant to know that. That was what management knew of ecobuild matchmaking event two.

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She doesn't like me" you stated simply, taking a bite of the pizza that was on the coffee table. He grinned, and held up what looked like some movies and a can of soup. After going shopping, he took you to lunch where he told you to order whatever you wanted, and he didn't want to hear a word about how many calories were in anything.

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During the half-time, Niall and Louis stood below the box you were in and waved to their family. His face looked pain stricken, and you knew something was coming. And you're coming too" he laughed dragging you to his car.

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He doesn't want the baby,but he regrets it. He seemed like the serious type but you brought the goofy side in him.

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Your his fake girlfriend but you fall for him but he treats you bad. I was at my apartment talk to my agent about my new acting role.

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Like management had told you; 'This is a business transaction. I like you a lot.

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He says something about you in a interview. I was getting one direction preferences your fake dating in the room next to Niall room.

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Louis - you cuddled up to your best friend niall who had his arm around you as the boys and their girlfriends got drunker. That way was you.

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I got my coat and ran after him to get in the elevator. Liam really liked you too, he was always texting, and calling you.

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I mean, what if you get spotted. Your favorite member before you met him His celebrity crush your jealous of you ann arbor dating website in front of them!

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I saw those models flirting with you, and I guess I just wondered if, you know, because of this," you gesture between the two of you, "Whether you felt like you were