How do i hook up my amp to my factory radio How to Hook Up an Amp to a Factory Radio

How do i hook up my amp to my factory radio

Your converter should come with wiring instructions so you will just need to match up the wires and splice them with the scotch blocks, use the pliers to press the metal splice bar so you can be sure of a good connection.

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A bass knob is basically a control knob that is daisy chained between the RCA connections at the amp and your high to lo level convertor. If not what would I need to get these two systems working, was also hoping to get the 12 Disk CD changer connected up -- trying to keep the system with original OEM harness as much as possible.

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Once you hear sound, you need someone else to actually look at the speaker. In about a 9-hour drive, I could make it.

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I have read that the amp also powers the door speakers. I initially thought that behind the glove box would be the best place but i ended up cable tying it to a heater pipe that runs down the centre console.

I have a Razor amp and 2 Zstat Razor 12s.

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Hi Fred, I feel your pain. You can take the speaker leads off the back of the stock stereo and route them directly to your amp.

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So whichever route you decide to go, make sure you go to an experienced installer who knows what a frequency sweep is, a scope is, and what an RTA is and make sure he knows how to use them because you really need all three to set up a processor correctly in a vehicle like this. This is a good idea if you ever plan on changing the stereo as your RCAs will already be ran.

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They are powered by: If so, you can:. I got 2 10 inch kicker competition,and a watt power bass amp,stock radio….?

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Then unplug everything, put it all back in your dash and plug it all back together again If it doesn't work, make sure you have tested the connections with a multimeter and redo any that fail Also, my converter has "Gain adjusters" on the PCB you can adjust with a screwdriver, be sure they aren't turned all the way down, i'm sure they don't go all the way to 0 signal but it's best to be sure: I have used a speaker 2 rca with auto remote on a free dating in indianapolis guage wire kit.

As soon as the speakers were amped up the sound shuts off. For the REM wire, I recommend wiring it to a fuse in your fuse box to prevent battery drain.

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They talked about this very problem at CES recently and they are in the process of designing a new product which tackles this exact issue. I had my installation done by so-called professionals. What if I were to tap into the factory speaker wires without the converter by cutting and splicing a rca cord?