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But Bella, that is exactly the point of the article. You relive every memory.

Shit, you makin my head hurt—all this tomfoolery. I left because of it. I think she was responding to the comment made by Tabatha……I could be wrong.

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By now you know not to expect any outside plans, and maybe give a day-or-two cushion before expecting normal activities to resume; it takes a few days for the curls to pop back. So here's a list of the three types of men I consider natural hair fetishizers.

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Though I think you meant through, as in finished, you could have also meant thrown, the participle of the aforementioned verb which can sometimes be used to mean amazed. I want to completely love myself, my body, my hair, my style.

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I feel as though America is behind or lagging. We try to dating a girl with natural hair the sexy at all times!

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What could be sweeter? In my personal experiences, I've encountered both; I've had men and women tell me that my hair is ugly or make fun of it and call it natural and dirty without actually being around me - to them it just looked stank. Extra points if you're able to piece together the very complicated seasonal-oil-change algorithm. Other thresholds dating come, and other questions with them.

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You will never be able to run your hands freely through my hair. People see me and they assume all the wrongs things about me because I have locs so I know I'm not the only one this happens to. We love our hair, and taking care of it plays a major role in our daily lives, which means it may also play a major role in your life if you're dating us. Who would thumbs this down? God, I know the history of race in America is well documentated and horrific but to become better things need to move on.

He usually makes fun of dark women with tightly coil hair and says things like, "Not every woman can rock natural hair.

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Sorry to say, but there are still Black men out there who speak like that, a lot of them. Everyone is hair relaxed. We buy a pack and two days later we have none, so we buy another pack. Many concoctions go into these coils, and while most natural oils have very little smell, after a while you can pick up on even the most subtle of girls with.

And it all starts making sense — he never wanted love. The negativity comes from that. You might screw your face a bit because your brain hasn't registered the strong aroma and your eyes are dancing all over the place by the amount of ankhs he's wearing.

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So it's always nice to come home to someone who knows the rules of playing in coils, and that patting from the top is never the right approach. My last relationship ended a few months after my two year natural hair anniversary.

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He's amazed and intrigued by your tresses. All naturals are not the same! Seriously, who wants to go to work soaking wet while doing a presentation on quarterly earnings in front of their boss.

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He justifies his love for black women by gloating about him loving natural hair but he doesn't appreciate the different textures, styles and versatility natural hair comes in. I can assure you, we don't need to diss other women to make ourselves feel beautiful.

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You women sound just as bad as the black men that go on an on about being with a white woman. He always looks as if he's in awe and pros of dating a younger woman just seconds away from touching it.

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Posts like these never end well.