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The game is not fixed. Look at the halo customs club because those people will play mcc with you.

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Totally clutch in Multi-Team! Already have an account?

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Your username is how other community members will see you. Honestly I don't know why the good teams continue to play so aggressively.

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Please keep all spoilers out of submission titles for link and text posts. Don't have an account? You want to build a house in Halo 5 but struggle with details?

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There was a sense of mercy. What should we call you?

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It still has multiple issues, granted they are minor in comparison to what it had, but issues still persist. This halos not remove spoilers within the submission. This is an archived post.

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What should we call you? This format will not work in submission titles. Well it's better than the first few months lol but still issues for sure.

It has a built in customs browser where you can play crazy forge maps.

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It's better than launch, but nowhere near fixed. I am not trying to dissuade because we always need more people on the mcc. Fastest firefight challenge farming game type self.

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Are the new national weapon skins going to be free? It is a frustrating experience. Was thinking of getting one just for master chief collection, so if anyone could explain how the campaign matching making and multiplayer match making work out and its if viable to do so in matchmaking making or takes to long.

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A post I made two months ago outlining the issues. The other day we were down when two of our halos quit out, so as long as the other guy was at least. Ya there's a good chance I've logged more hours than you. Ce is the odd man out. Rise of Atriox Issue 1, Halo: Honestly I dont even care getting spawn killed with only one or two left on the team.

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YouTube video with WyvernZu's voice? Last time I played it was laggy as fuck and the game crashed 5 minutes into a match.

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Awakening the Nightmare, Halo: Honestly I usually do this counting spawns, sniping them off spawns, etc. For dating one liners that work that's the most annoying part.

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It's not people 'shitting on Halo' when the rightly point out that the game, despite improving since launch, is not 'fixed'. I guess I'll have to jump into Halo 5 considering all of these bugs are still exist.