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What Is the Age of Consent for Sex in Kentucky?

We both go physical dating church and we literally make each other better people. No law on safe sex here it is just a good practice and it keeps you healthy. Sep 08 33, Location hidden Please wait Notify me when there are new discussions. There will be no help from the direction you are seeking it. Good luck to you here and thanks for letting me help you.

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I need to know can a 16 year old have sex with someone over age 18 on there own in the state of kentucky? Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue dating laws in kentucky.

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Thank you for using Just Answer. In many states, yes.

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We are not having sex and never even get close it because we are saving it for marriage. Defenses Under Kentucky's laws, there are some important defenses to consider in statutory rape cases.

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Finally, a person in Kentucky commits third degree rape by engaging in sexual intercourse when the other person is:. The information contained herewith is not legal advice and by rendering such information there is no formation of an attorney-client relationship.

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There is laws that protect the handicap as well, that may fall in the lines of concern for the mother. My girlfriend is a good girl, she never gets in trouble with the law or her parents.

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As far as I know Federal law still says the age of consent is Whether it is wise is a decision for the parents and the child here. The biggest is the age of majority that pesky wait til you turn eighteen thing.

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If you're 17 and they're 14, and you would like to date no sexual activity - would that be ok? If they use internet media like email, or maybe phone federal law comes into play.

Youths who are under the age of majority often want to know their rights under the law, and at what age they'll no longer be considered a minor in their state. Ask a Family Lawyer Online. Use the 'Report' link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Thanks for your comment!

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If not then does the 16 year old get emancipated? I'm a mom who has a daughter about that age and I seriously want to know. WVU Tech, men's basketball Photos: However, it is interesting that he was dating laws in kentucky sex with the 16 year-old's mother at the same time who is mentally handicapped.

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Metal dating website Pages Local Listings. There is no reason for my parents to not let me date her because of her age.

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Both teen-agers could have been charged with the same offenses, but the full weight of Kentucky's law landed on the boy, who pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors for having sex and exchanging the photos.

Kentucky Legal Ages Laws. Would it be legal?