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On each of the 3 positive pins, place a ohm resistor red, red, brown, gold. That means that if you apply too much voltage, they pop.

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Step 1: The Pinout

Because of the different forward voltages and currents 2. I'm subscribing to the actual movements of electrons from negative to positivenot conventional.

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Once connections are double checked, turn the power on and use the remote to control the LED relative dating helps to determine lights. In your image you have the pins labeled wrong.

Introduction: Demystifying 4 Pin RGB LEDS (Radio Shack 276-0028)

This is usually caused by the omission of a current limiting resistor to the circuit yes, I'm guilt of this. When the resistors were removed, the color changed to what I intended. When I discovered I was wrong, the instructable was almost finished and I thought I had fixed the inconsistencies.

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So a simple computation will tell you which power supply you need. Once you have the RGB lights hooked up, it is time to install the control box to the power unit.

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I then went to Radio shack to get an RGB. What if you were to add a resistor I'd estimate around 22 ohms between the output on the Arduino and the red leg of the LED?

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The longest pin is your common Anode. There is a single ohm resistor which is overkill, but it was what I had at hook up rgb led.

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However, the color change is very small each time, so the LED smoothly fades from green to red. In fact the LED series parallel array wizard http: Never connect a LED directly to the power supply.

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By watching the serial monitor you can get an idea of the values needed for each color combination. Again, could be hilton dating wrong on this.

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