Wot luchs matchmaking Luchs in tier IV games

Wot luchs matchmaking

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In other words a tank whose game design is totally different to anything that the new player has encountered up to that point. Sign In Email address: The Luchs is very special.

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I seem to recall it's only tier 5 and higher where they don't see their own tier. The 2cm Flak 38 and 3 cm M. I would include all the scout tanks, plus tanks generally considered poor or tricky to play. On the other hand I feel I have deepened somewhat as a player.

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As for its gun, it does far more than 'barely damaging its own tier' for example, it will kill a hetzer in less than two seconds. Drunkenparrot, on Jan 01 - So, the first information on the 8.

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After matches, what knowledge did any of us really have about this game? Pit Friend 4 Posted 24 April - All in all, looking forward to it.

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Actually, you are incorrect because you aren't figuring cammo factor into spotting range. Now there is the alternative through the T — but again there is no way for the new player to know the difference between the two matchmakings.

I realy like the luchs, and I don't want to sell it, but can someone explain me why it have a so bad matchmarking? Its general inaccuracy at why is carbon dating done meters and high gun dispersion when firing makes it strictly a short to wot luchs blank range weapon.

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Bear 26 Posted Mar 21 - I had camo on all crew members and I still got spotted constantly without seeing anyone. It can be top tier and it can see Tier VIIs. On the other hand, we have all had to do it and learn through experience.

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