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As soon as the outside temperature consistently approaches freezing, your tires tread rubber compound begins to harden like your chewing gum would.

Department of Transportation DOTwill tell you several things:. Is it not useless to mobilize additional tire budget to buy winter tires dating In some cases, the vehicle dealer may also be an authorized PAX System servicing location and will be able to perform repairs. It will also provide you with information when mounting and servicing the tire.

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If tires of different speed ratings are mounted on a vehicle, the lower speed-rated tires should be placed on the front axle. As a result, mileage expectancy is impossible to determine. Internal damage, not visible without demounting the tire, may be caused when a tire runs over an object.

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The warranty covers defects in workmanship and material for the life of the tread or 6 tires dating from the date of purchase, whichever occurs first. What should I do if the cords on my tires are visible?

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Avoid running over objects e. It was developed when all tires had the same aspect ratio, and it provided only the nominal cross section width of the tire and the rim diameter in inches.

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If the air loss continues, the inside of the deflected sidewall can actually rub against itself. A calibrated measurement tape is run around the circumference of the tire in the center of the tread which represents the largest overall diameter.

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Contact us Safety Recalls. To find the dealers near you, refer age groups dating sites the Yellow Pages of your telephone book or utilize the Dealer Locator on our website.

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Actually, 2 years isn't all that old. The solution could be as simple as rebalancing your tires.

How to find the DOT number on your tires

Never choose a smaller size than those that came with the car. Here are several tips to help increase the life of your tires: What if I need other dealership services?

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Avoid fast starts and panic stops. DOT signifies that the tire complies with the United States Department of Transportation tire safety standards, and is approved for highway use. Nothing else in the coding system has changed.

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Uneven front or rear tire wear means you may need an alignment. Internal damage can lead to dangerous tire failure.

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If your car is equipped with one of the several types of temporary spares, be sure to check the spare tire's sidewall for the correct inflation pressure, speed, and mileage limitations. You need an alignment when you notice:.

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My tire has gone flat.