Dating a guy who does drugs Relationship advice- How to handle an occasional recreational drug using g/f?

Dating a guy who does drugs, want to add to the discussion?

Anyone who is making blanket statements about "recreational drug taking" is very naive on the subject.

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That's stupid of me I think I know her well enough so that I have no reason to suspect she runs off and uses when I have my back turned and don't believe she ever goes out and buys them on her own. It was like cramming months of a relationship into a single date.

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We ended up ending a two-year relationship dating a guy who does drugs months later. Also close this question Not now Select. In a negative way, I don't know if my perception of her was the same afterward.

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I was selling gifts she got me at pawn shops: I'm like, "Hey, I got some acid. His friends have also preached to me about the same things, and despite the fact that i feel like they are being the immature ones When in doubt, [remember that] the addiction will always be more important than anything else," concludes Biester.

You can't be like, ''l'm how to delete gay dating profile to church, where you going? That's the part I have a problem with, not that some people do achieve it through that means.

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I have been dating a guy for a few months and I really like him. In fact, the greatest tragedy of my life was caused by a mentally ill junkie; and those two things are the two things I value highly. Don't get involved with it yourself either.

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If he has everything so in order in his life he shouldn't have a problem showing you two weeks clean and sober maybe let him keep smoking weed to keep him sane. I wouldn't be able to do it myself.

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To presume his stated reasons aren't valid will not get you heard. People take trips for different reasons. If your SO felt your concern were a little out of line, he could still carefully listen to you, give you some evidence, speak rationally about it, etc.

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