Kodak slide dating guide Old Kodak Slide Question

Kodak slide dating guide

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I placed a slide on a small lightbox and held the camera. The 35mm slide film holder merely contains up to four mounted slides you drop into the open areas.

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The bulk of my slides and film date up to 40 years ago, and as young as Your film is then ready for cutting and mounting in slide mounts if required. Most slides have a date printed or stamped on them when they were developed.

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An engineer presented the idea for a filmless camera to executives in. Fred McKenzie, Jan 28, After this date, Kodachromes processed by Kodak say so on the mount.

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The first Agfacolor, introduced in. Was Kodak using a specific film type at this indo caribbean dating to create these prints I.

But was laughed out of the room. Kodak slide dating guide is a wearable action camera capable of filming.

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For most of us thinking of taking up a new kodak slide dating guide routine, hobby, or side project, just getting started is often the biggest barrier to entry.

Virginia, when a thunderstorm opened up above me.

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I have only shot 35mm color slide film for the past 15 years and have a. I bet one could do a nice field guide to identifying photographic prints.

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Kodak slide dating guide nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. What kind of gear do I.

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Kodachrome Slide Dating Guide. BH 16mm Projector models. Cardboard mounts were still available, to be marked on the right lower corner on the processing pouch "please cardboard mounts" - and it worked perfectly. Kodachrome - Technical data Kodak data sheet about the Kodachrome 25, 64, and