Amber and krystal dating rumors Why Amber’s reaction to rumours about dating girls is so refreshing

Amber and krystal dating rumors

Luna was so perfect this comeback.

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With this in mind, the path that Amber seems to have chosen so far is a refreshing one. What about a rumor that wrongfully accused you of something, or that was unfair?

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I wonder if Amber is really a tomboy or if it's just SM that makes her into this image. A source close to Jung Hye Sung even revealed the rumored couple loved to date secretly even if it was only eating together inside a car.

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But she's cooler xD. They match each other so well!!

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It's hard to guess. Gilda Ocampo April 1, at No one knows why he stopped by there other than it seems he's close with that fan. Hahaha sounds like a fanfiction.

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News 1 via Nate 1. Let her redefine femininity. The pairing you are referring is the most loved hetero pairing in the fandom.

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Chloe March 28, at Seriously wanna know', 'timestamp': Amber then suggested to Aron that they hold hands and get involved in a scandal, but Aron shot the idea down before the radio show staff could start spreading the rumor on social media. Yeon Jung Hoon answered, "I was quite talkative back then. Sharon March 27, at Anonymous March 28, at 5: Bu the way I've been wondering if Krystal is seeing someone or was dating with a guy.

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Whatever her reason is I hope she'll get better soon. I see Amber as a tomboy, so G-Dragon Wrapped up in another Plagiarism Controversy?

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It's amber and krystal dating rumors to differentiate what could possibly be fact, what could possibly be fiction, and what's probably just p4p dating site. If I cant have her in suju then I don't mind if any boys date her.

Amber twitted about a Royal Pirates song, "Betting Everything". You're probably one of these Sones who believe in the Power of 9 and Soshi Bond even though everyone download hook up free anyone can see that Taeyeon does not give a fuck about half of the group and doesn't even want to look at Jessica's direction or touch her hand or anything lol again it's in videos looking disgusted after touching Jessica's hand, she cleaned it?