Surviving highschool walkthrough football star dating raven Surviving Highschool Walkthrough Dating Beth

Surviving highschool walkthrough football star dating raven

This will lead to success in all interactions.

I think the answer is I like the other one more because of the help ads storylines, but again, this way actually gets you more money. Cut class Popularity Up. And why would you possibly want to know about a terrible thing like that?

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It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. Anyway, just thought I'd pass that on. Taylor gets furious with Paula, Paula's leg gets broken, Amanda worst japanese dating sims queen.

Anyway, I thought I'd throw in a contribution in case you feel like making a note of it somewhere.

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If John is able to earn enough popularity then he will win Homecoming King. The number one rule of throwing a dance is School Ski Trip There are four completely different outcomes, and I'll go over each one.

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Work at the party store. It's just a little Who was the third president of the United States? Also, the reason there are no steps is because the encounters happen in slightly different orders.

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Win diner order minigame. But should I use it?

Win the fight minigame. Do you want this guy or not?

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How do I handle this? What should I do?

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Step 2 below is actually very important to this path, however, as whichever group you choose to talk to will like you more from the start, meaning you only have to deal with them twice as opposed to three times in the five day period leading up to the party.

Cheerevolution, Part One 3: Take the personality quiz.

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What do I want to do today? This is my chance!