Lionel train hookup How to Wire an Old Lionel Train Set

Lionel train hookup

I am just getting back into Lionel model railroading.

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This was called a "prairie" locomotive. Upgrading my current system will not be an inexpensive job and I want to be sure that I understand completely.

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Martinsville Pick of the Week: If you want to power the accessories directly not from track power then an additional power supply should be purchased. Turn off or unplug the train transformer from the power outlet.

In a crossover, both switches can be wired to one terminal on the controller. As a newcomer setting up for son for ChristmasI am hoping someone can answer what is probably a very hookup question but I do not want to assume and burn a house: I don't recall what the sequence on your locomotive is. This will give you the most power out of the transformer. Posts A and B provide a constant 5 volts, while posts B and C provide a constant 11 volts.

Join 2, other followers. When will you be adding the AF hookup in this lionel train hookup Are the new engines equipped with the Trainmaster and Legacy controls completely self controlled and not relying on the variable voltage from the transformer,as long as I have a constant 18 volts to the tracks?

We have operating fastrack, accessory fastrack, not sure exactly how they work. Actually, you don't bend the pin, but bend the center rail where the pin is inserted into it.

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As a bonus to doing this, the Anti-Derail feature will throw both switches too! Posted by 8ntruck on Sunday, December 13, 1: I am lionel train to use separate power for the switch not track power. You can step through the direction sequence by turning the right-hand control off, or by moving the left-hand control counter-clockwise.

Thank you so much for all your help. I have kisii ladies dating written material on the set at all. Do I still need to add control blocks as in older layouts? So with the power feed and switch lever wiring that is a total of 6 wires going to the terminal strip, so I can wire two switches per terminal strip.

You can cycle the e-unit by shutting the throttle off, then on, or by moving the left hand control lever to the left turning it counterrclockwisethen letting it return to it's spring loaded center position.

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The basic principles however remain the same. The only caveat to this is that any accessory wired to the track must have bulbs rated for 18V.

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Posted by lionelsoni on Wednesday, December 16, 5: Bristol Pick of the Week: Posted by cacole on Sunday, December 13, Good luck and welcome.

Would this cause any problems eg are the OUT and THRU connections used to feedback voltage to the controller for indicationsand is there a way around this?

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I really like your ideas! You should not have any problems linking these two switches.

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Both switches will activate simultaneously either by switch remote. I believe this will help Lionel to convert many fence sitters to come over to the added fun of the Legacy system with the use of AF trains.