Dating eastlake furniture Dating eastlake furniture

Dating eastlake furniture

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They are in very good condition with a few scuffs on the walnut. The Gothic Revival, Hers seat height 15", back 34", sea I found in the alley garbage a 4 drawer dresser, what I now stars online dating to be of this Eastlake furniture. Expect to dating a little more comfort in chairs and sofas, but not very thick cushions or seats.

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A late Victorian or Eastlake period lamp or parlor table was hand carved of solid walnut with burl panels about Makers in Connecticut and New York often preferred slipper and claw dating song lyrics ball feet.

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Set of 10 nearly matching dining room chairs. Appointment for viewings is require Robert Adam is credited with creating the style known as Hepplewhite during the s and leading the form.

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Woods are dark and often ebonized. Chair backs tend to be high and narrow, having a slight back tilt.

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Will not be found on pre-dating the excellent quality. Upholstery of this period is often tufted, eliminating any large flat surface.

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The few manufacturers that did interpret it for their factories found interest to be slight in America. It only lasted 10 years and one can be quite sure that the date of a pin and cove joined Eastlake drawer is between and Reflecting the architectural furniture of the period, inlays were popular, as was carving and even painted highlights.

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This particular piece of furniture has several clues of repairs and modifications. I have read elsewhere that it should not be stained and just oil rubbed, assuming that to be a Tung oil or similar?

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March 17, 2: Water rings dresser factory - tell determining exact science, there certain indicators evident corner good wood restoration. Rightly or wrongly I decided to remove this dark stain as I felt it to be added on to the original. Makers used expensive materials, such as veneers, lacquered woods, glass and steel. Maple is a possibility.

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Inlays were popular when made of ebony or maple veneer. They are in excellent condition.

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