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Dating shark

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Label-haters prey on the eternally optimistic. These sharks will leave you mentally exhausted, full of self-doubt, and bitter about dating.

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These sharks are known to knock out their prey with speed: But how well-versed are you in the landsharks who live and date in cities, just like people? Filler girlfriends are often the victims on the flirting side. Shark Week is back! How To Identify Them: These sharks are excellent at camouflage, and able to look features of online dating sites act exactly like a single-person.

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Follow our YouTube Channel. What To Watch Out For: Label datings shark can suck up months and months or even years of your time. Often only the sharp eye of an acquaintance will be able to identify them.

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He has idle email and Gchat flirtations with girls. Anyone with a pulse and half an interest is fair prey to these sharks: She just has a lot of guy friends…that she hangs out with…with out you…constantly. They seem normal enough, and things start off quietly…a slight annoyance on their part here, hurt feelings there, a growing, constant need of validation.

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