Internet dating monologue My Internal Monologue On A First Date

Internet dating monologue

He only wanted validation. Write out your internal monologue. Five stars — finally, a five star dude!

Memorable Monologue: Internet Dating Sites

Nice collection of photos. He had a nice beard. Not 5-star worthy though … one star seems harsh. Why do we need it now?

Awkwardly wrap my headphones around my iPod.

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I just winked at someone on the dating site. He only wanted attention. She definitely has this problem. So you gotta be cautious dating monologue the fours and fives. I would fail at being a guy in the dating world, online or not.


Four dudes in a row with token Movember photos. Click, click, click, click. This next guy is handsome. I always wanted to wear uniforms when I was in high school.

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Interesting that you hate arriving to a first date second. Three stars are for guys I feel guilty about not finding makeout-worthy. One star … one star … three stars for the dog … four stars to the pretty cute guy with good music taste.

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This guy, I bet. So this is how first dates are like?

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But where else is he going to look? Scroll … Oh hell yes.

Random winks make me feel weird. Which way are we going?

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Some of these online dating site emails make me think they were written using Madlibs. The coffee date let us make that judgment and get free dating site india. Think anyone who saw me during working hours would lose interest almost immediately.

I like to look at profiles while I watch TV.

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Then, thank you but no, thank you: I will give him three stars. I wonder if guys actually do that?

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Forty minutes, at most. Oh hello person I already slept with and still sometimes talk to.

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Wait which one is he?