Mblaq dating MBLAQ’s Mir and G.O to Discuss Ladies, Dating, and Love on “Witch Hunt”

Mblaq dating

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It was trending on Twitter world wide! The information for the final two couples will be out soon!

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While he was promoting with MBLAQ, the other members knew of the existence of his girlfriend, but Lee Joon was dating to the point that the members themselves did not know the details about her. We're friends so it's be weird to sit apart anyway. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. However, when he met up with people close to him, he would occasionally appear at a public area with his girlfriend. Somehow I can tell that he was a good lover.

Was it just for show?

MBLAQ G.O's shocking confession, "My age is 24, dating experience 20 times."

Almost immediately rumors began to spread that the two were dating. Let's start off in the order of the list above. The First Tour in America Pt.

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Each couple held hands, but could they have gone further? I'm not surprised that he has had 20 girlfriends but more shocked that he said that on TV.


Recommend this dating Has been recommended Surprise me. O confessed about his love experiences.

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Yes ya'll he's been hittin dat since pre-school. Obviously, he is such a pimp.

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Joon and Hyomin, ah this will be interesting, esp. At the time, J.

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They were so close, their parents were friends with each other as well. He couldn't meet eyes with his "girlfriend" Eunjung, and called her noona, as she is a year older than him. The reason why is because G.

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Multiple reports came out on January 7 and minor dating site in South Korea regarding a possible 2-year relationship between Lee Joon and a former classmate! Lee Joon, in a cool and calm manner, explained, "HyunA and I did sit next to each dating.

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Probably allkpop should update on that. Seungho and Soyeon are best friends in real life. At that time, it was reported that a flight attendant had witnessed the idol singer getting a little too friendly on an airplane with her music video co-star Lee Joon following the filming. Discussions from allkpop Forums Post to Facebook Tweet this Send by e-mail Link. O bumped into him during an "overseas concert.

Disbanded Jewelry group members get together for meal.

MBLAQ and T-Ara are dating

Reply Parent Thread Link. Again, his girlfriend was reported to not be a celebrity but an ordinary citizen, so Lee Joon is allegedly being considerate in order to prevent any discomfort or harm to her private life.

Why am I more jealous of Soyeon than Hyomin?

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Looks like he's keeping his new agency busy from the get-go. Sooyoung to MC for Jonghyun's debut solo showcase.