Crayon pop dating Crayon Pop’s Soyul And Moon Hee Jun Reveal Their Full Love Story

Crayon pop dating

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A 13 year age difference, honestly I thought it was a bit more. I remember a few years back that Hee Jun said something about him, being ideally having a girlfriend 12 years younger. This is def going to hurt the label and crayon pop.

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And marrying after dating 7 months?? We would appreciate if you could crayon encouragement and blessings to the two people.

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She was 6 months pregnant when they got married??? We'll make a statement after we get in contact with her.

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I hope it's because she really likes him and not an accident They shouldn't have kept it as a secret I'm just saying dont jump to conclusions and just be happy for them. That was so unexpected wow congratulations to the crayon pop dating though!!

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Something online dating site jakarta fishy here I can't help but wonder if this is a shotgun weddigng and we'll find out Soyul is pregnant in the later half of Huhuhu YG made me depressed too. Lee Kwang Soo and co-stars of 'Sound of Heart' to hold fan sign event! Moon Hee Jun Soyul. This guy is a first generation idol, I doubt he still has any delulu fangirls left who would've created an uproar after knowing their oppa impregnated his girlfriend out of wedlock, but revealing and not lying would've saved them from all the hate they are getting now Looks like they were fine dating under the radar, then he knocked her up so they have no choice but to get married.

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Which is messed up already. Discussions from allkpop Forums I guess she may be getting her contract terminated, I believe crayon pop are not allowed to date. I don't think you have a deadline to get pop dating.

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If this was a shotgun wedding, I won't be so surprised since it's kinda trend in S. Announced marriage in November, got married in Feb, giving birth in May Not knowing how Koreans act to this sort of thing is puzzling.

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