220 hook up for water heater I am installing an electric 220v hot water heater in my addition

220 hook up for water heater, using common sense header

Nov 8, Occupation: The water heater has black, red, blue, and yellow wires.

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Let's wait and see. From what you have described the circuit does not have both of these wires. Then metal flex is installed between the junction box and the water heater.

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So the elements are a big part of wiring an electric water heater. If real tinder hookup stories top temperature is low then the top element has priority.

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Ask your own question now. Ask an Electrician Online. Technically, it can, but not in this installation.

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You can run a WH on Hopefully you have found your problem and are now enjoying plenty of hot water. Ask follow up questions if you need to.

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The new breaker needs two spaces in the main breaker chat dating international. How do their uses of electricity differ from other appliances, like a stove, that are V but do use a neutral? Find all posts by jwilliams4. This is because the wire leaves breaker box and goes to first junction box inside a room. In a house that was wired any length of time back you probably don't have the right wiring for this configuration, even if you get a new hot water tank.

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I sketched a couple of diagrams to show my setup. You can use a simple test to tell if the elements are bad. Is the temperature set as high as the old heater? I am installing an electric v hot water heater in my addition.

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I called the plumber back out. Keep in mind that the circuit hook up for water heater will need to be converted to volts at the electric panel, and a new circuit breaker must be installed and sized to the amperage of the receptacle that will be installed, which is typically 15 or 20 amps.


There are safety concerns to be aware of. There are two covers on the side of your electric hot water tank.

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Find all posts by David A. But again, what do you do with the white neutral since the WH only has 2 hots and a ground?

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Please consult the installation manual that came with your water heater for more information and wiring options. Sediment build up can cause the lower element to fail repeatedly. I'm still having a hard time wrapping my mind around that one. Jan 12, Occupation: This is the common format for wiring an electric water heater, but it is not the only one.

Wiring an Electric Hot Water Heater

Obviously the warranty isn't a factor, since he can't claim it, but I am curious what would happen if he indeed does wire this for v? Ensure the water heater is empty of water and that the water supply is off. When they trip the water will not heat up.

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Identify the main circuit of the panel, turn it OFF and Tag it with a Note before working with the wiring or installing the volt wiring and circuit breaker. Once this has been verified the white wires of the original circuit should be colored with red or black electrical tape to indicate that the white wire is not a neutral wire, but is instead being used for one power source of the volt circuit.

Repeat this procedure with the white wires.

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