Lets hook up sometime meaning What does the term hooking up mean to you? (Those under 25 only, please!)

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In england as far as I know we use to to describe causal sex with someone. All times are GMT OED's earliest cite for hook-up n. About Us "Nam ad partem tibique suscipit, ut duis etiam integre usu.

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A drug peddler might hook me up with my weekly supply of crack cocaine. Default vbulletin 3 style made responsive also available in the pack.

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I would avoid it because of ambiguity unless you were explicit about the nature of the hook-up. When in a causal situation: I use the term a lot and will almost always use it over sex. Find all posts by pulykamell.

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Kissing, always making it a point to sit very close in the same seat on the bus, whatever. Like, I hooked up with that guy from Wills and Trusts after beer and darts last weekend. Last edited by pulykamell; at If someone uses slang like, "we should Hook Up". He bought me a pizza slice. Here's what the meaning of hook up are nowadays: On the east coast people Permalink Submitted by Anonymous not verified on Mon, Permalink Submitted by Anonymous not verified on Wed, Maybe this is why so few students show up when I suggest we hook up in my office after class.

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Ive always been aware of the hooking up meaning intercoursebut its not realy popularly used as that in younger ppls vocab. I feel that sex often has the connotation of penile insertion, which I find limiting. In my school when we say "hook up" we mean when people r dating, as in "hanna and shaun have officially hooked up" But kissing is "make out", and sex is "did it," or "slept together.

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Sounds to me like he wants to hang out with you, so that later on he can get into your pants weather that's just going straight for the sex Though sexual could be anything from cuddling or making out all the way up to intercourse, and the relationship might develop later.

If all that happened was let hook up sometime meaning out or heavy petting, I'm guessing that any implied "hook-up" is the guy, lying. Making out is simply kissing ; "hooking up" involves going beyond that.

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Not making out, not meeting for coffee, not hanging out somewhere, but let hook up sometime meaning sex. Tom Wolfe did a long essay on this in his book Hooking Up.


I've always used it as a vague blanket term for any heavy kissing and beyond. But its always different for people from other schools.

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Find all posts by aldiboronti. I think it is an immature way of saying romantic dating love messages want to have sexual relations hook you. If you've kissed the person then you just say that, the same as going out with someone. I'd say hooking up means engaging in any sexual activity on the continuum between making out and having sex, including the endpoints. I call for an official definition. My common usage is somewhere between making outgoing on a date, and sex -type things.

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