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Portray a Fantasy Picture with a Mannequin

Portray a Fantasy Picture with a Mannequin

Digital Fantasy Painting from a Model with Procreate

Portray and drawing fantasy imagery is enjoyable and artistic. Nonetheless, one main problem to doing so is an absence of references. Portrait and panorama artists all the time have a reference to work from. Sadly, artists that paint fairies and dragons don’t. References give an artist confidence to know that what he/she is portray will probably be visually convincing. With no reference picture, how do fantasy artists pull off plausible imagery?

So what do fantasy illustrators do to assist them hit the mark? These artists usually use the facility of their very own creativeness together with quite a few approximate references to develop their imagery. For instance, utilizing observable butterfly wings as fairy wings, or reimagining the parts of development gear as robotic elements.

Primarily, fantasy artists nonetheless work from references. They simply accomplish that in a extra inventive method.

On this article, I want to profile a course of utilized by myself and different artists to create convincing fantasy artwork. This course of brings collectively the need to think about with observational drawing abilities. It was the method used to develop the digital fantasy portray beneath.

Digital fantasy painting of a dragon with Procreate

Planning a Fantasy Portray – The Artwork is within the Planning

Typically instances, crucial creative choices are made earlier than a portray begins. Generally, quite a few research and thumbnail sketches are made to kind by means of compositional decisions. Every sketch gives one possibility the artist might pursue.

The better the variety of preliminary sketches the artist makes, the extra decisions they’ve. These sketches don’t need to be good – they simply need to seize a generalized thought. Right here’s a have a look at a couple of tough preliminary sketches of the dragon I deliberate on utilizing in my scene…

Gesture sketches of a dragon for study

As you possibly can see, these are merely unfastened gestural sketches with none element or shading.

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One other Strategy to Create a Fantasy Sketch

There may be one other approach to sketch fantasy subject material. However as an alternative of sketching with paper and pen or perhaps a digital pill, let’s sketch in three dimensions. Three-dimensional sketching provides the artist a simple approach to tweak variables like point-of-view and lighting.

A two-dimensional sketch is normally a broad, unfastened drawing that’s quick on particulars. Typically accomplished without delay, a sketch is only a step within the means of “wrapping our minds” round our topic.

It’s the identical when sketching in three dimensions. A 3D sketch isn’t a sculpture a lot as a tough mannequin. This mannequin provides the fantasy illustrator a greater probability to precisely seize the nuance of sunshine and to sort out troublesome drawing issues like foreshortening.

You don’t need to be an achieved sculptor to create a workable mannequin. Let’s check out how simple the mannequin constructing course of could be.

Constructing a 3D Mannequin for Reference in a Fantasy Portray

One of the best media for 3D sketching are modeling clays that don’t dry out when uncovered to air. Plasticine is a model of modeling clay that’s made with petroleum jelly and is my prime advice. It’s a excessive malleable clay.

Sculpey is one other model of modeling clay that hardens when baked in a standard oven. These two merchandise are comparable however don’t really feel the identical. My choice is Plasticine, however I used each collectively to construct the mannequin beneath.

Moreover Plasticine and Sculpey, the next supplies had been used to make the mannequin…

  • wire for an armature
  • sculpture instruments
  • balsa wooden strips
  • drafting Mylar movie
  • wooden glue
  • a drill
  • wooden block for a base

Plasticine clay used to build a 3D model for reference

Modeling clay permits the artist to give attention to proportions first and the pose second. The mannequin could be bent into place after it’s assembled from primary kinds. It doesn’t need to be inbuilt its closing pose. Nonetheless, If the mannequin is tall or has skinny elements it might require an armature (as did the dragon). On this case, one may need to sculpt the kinds and seize the specified pose all collectively.

Building an armature for the sculpture reference

I used balsa wooden and mylar to construct the wings. The wooden and paper wings don’t unify with the clay physique of the dragon however that doesn’t matter. The place the mannequin is missing, our creativeness fills the gaps. Use any supplies together with the modeling clay to avoid wasting time and vitality. You possibly can even push objects into the clay to make textures or different distinctive options.

The enjoyable begins when the mannequin is finished. It’s time to play with standpoint and lighting. Now, each angle from which you observe your mannequin serves the identical function as one two-dimensional sketch. There are actually hundreds of angles to select from. Equally, you possibly can shortly transfer a light-weight supply round a mannequin, finding out quite a few choices in simply minutes earlier than making a call. Check out a few choices beneath.

Different poses and options when working from a sculpted reference

The reference picture taken from above (within the backside left) impressed the completed portray. The intense perspective of the sunshine stand (white PVC within the picture) influenced the attitude of the buildings.

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Making the Fantasy Portray

The completed portray was accomplished utilizing Procreate, a digital portray program. Identical to Photoshop, this system permits for using layers. I used the {photograph} of my mannequin as a short lived layer and traced the contours of my dragon on a separate layer. If I had been as an alternative making a portray on canvas, I might have merely printed my picture to scale and make a graphite switch of the drawing simply the identical.

It isn’t dishonest to hint a photograph of a mannequin made by your individual palms. It’s nonetheless 100% your creation. Tracing this step is just about effectivity. You’ll nonetheless want to switch these contours with particulars.

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Contour line drawing of a dragon

At this level the method turns into typical – mixing the specified coloration and inserting it in the proper spot. The portray is 100% from creativeness as a result of the picture reference was a product of creativeness.

The place did the Mannequin Make a Distinction?

Having the mannequin made a distinction in a number of methods. In my unique gesture sketches, I solely imagined the dragon from the entrance and aspect. The ultimate pose was from above. Selecting such a dynamic orientation was a direct results of having a mannequin to look at from many angles.

The mannequin additionally made a distinction when it comes to accuracy. With out the mannequin, the one wing could not have had such a selected fold. Even the horns would have been more durable to determine on paper than in clay, particularly since one horn is foreshortened.

As talked about earlier than, the precarious composition is a direct results of observing the mannequin. With out it I might not have ended up with the portray that I did.

Digital fantasy painting of a dragon with Procreate

The best profit to this course of for me is nailing the lighting. One short-coming I see in fantasy illustration is each a complexity of sunshine and standpoint. With out having constructed the mannequin, I really feel as if I may not have made such a daring selection on the subject of the sturdy distinction in worth or the bizarre standpoint. Decide up some modeling clay your self and provides 3D sketching a attempt.

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