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Marvel’s Avengers Replace 2.2 Patch Notes Launched

Marvel’s Avengers Replace 2.2 Patch Notes Launched

Marvel's Avengers Update 2.2 Patch Notes Released

Marvel’s Avengers subsequent large replace is lastly right here, with replace 2.2 launched in the present day. With that after all comes the complete patch notes, for the whole lot that has modified and is being added.

Notably, PlayStation gamers will lastly be capable of dive in as Spider-Man, and all gamers will be capable of leap into the primary raid: Discordant Sound. It’s a uniquely constructed raid meant to check the best stage Endgame gamers.

You possibly can take a look at the complete patch notes for your self, right here:

Marvel’s Avengers Replace 2.2 Patch Notes

New Options

  • Klaw Raid Discordant Sound – Teamwork, communication, ways—you’ll need to assemble your greatest four-player squad for this one. Following the occasions of the Struggle for Wakanda Growth, the sonic monster Klaw has returned to the Vibranium Mound with a seething willpower to destroy Wakanda. That is the place you end him off for good and declare the highest-end gear—however he’s so not happening and not using a battle. For extra info on the Raid, together with gear and rewards, click on HERE.
  • Energy-Stage Enhance – The utmost Energy Stage achievable has elevated from 150 to 175. Need the most effective gear? Then you definitely’ll have to finish the sport’s hardest problem. The brand new four-player Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound is ready for you.
  • Gear Improve Rework – Gamers can infuse gear with different items to extend its Energy Stage. This manner, the gear you want can now be carried alongside your journey! For extra info on how this works, click on HERE. Solely gear that’s above Energy Stage 100 and of Epic rarity or greater could be upgraded. Utilizing greater Energy Stage gear to infuse will provide higher potential stats than decrease Energy Stage.
  • Assets Rework – The one sources wanted to improve gear and Minor Artifacts are Fragments and Improve Modules. Main Artifacts now require a mixture of Fragments and Polychoron. Additionally, the Assets cap has been raised! For extra info, click on HERE.
  • Gear Perks Rework – Gear Perks have gone by way of some adjustments to permit every Hero to be extra themed in what they will obtain in fight. We now have additionally added Standing results to gear for Heroes who’re presently lacking them. All of them. Each single one. For extra info, click on HERE. Particular Perk reworks are additionally within the Gear part under.
  • Per-Hero Weekly Aims – Each Hero can now get an Unique from the weekly mission chain in Omega-Stage Menace: Household Reunion and Raid: Discordant Sound as a substitute of simply as soon as per account.
  • Omega-Gear Rewards – Each completion of Omega-Stage Menace: Household Reunion and Raid: Discordant Sound grants a bit of Unique gear. The weekly mission chain grants Unique gear that may improve your Energy Stage whereas extra completions grant Exotics on the Hero’s similar Energy Stage.
  • Shipments – We’ve heard your requests for a path to earn coveted Cosmetics, sources, and different objects by way of gameplay, in addition to a spot to make use of your plentiful Items. Enter the Shipments function! Every Cargo prices 500 Items (the forex earned whereas enjoying the sport) and pulls from a group of doable objects, however you may see what’s within the present Cargo before you purchase it with Items. There’s a small likelihood of the Cargo containing a premium Outfit unavailable by way of another technique of acquisition. However luck isn’t required to get the Outfit—you’ll robotically obtain it after claiming 100 Shipments. For extra info, click on HERE. Shipments should not accessible for the Japan area presently.
  • Beauty Vendor – Chastity McBride’s wares have been restocked and now embrace a Specialty Gadgets part that permit for extra participant alternative. Study extra HERE.
  • Spider-Man for PS4 and PS5 – The enduring net slinger Spider-Man comes completely to PlayStation gamers together with the Spider-Man: With Nice Energy Hero Occasion! You’ll expertise Spider-Man’s story by way of unlockable challenges woven all through the Avengers Initiative. Full together with his personal Expertise, Heroics, traversal, and loads of cosmetics, Spider-Man performs like no different Hero! For extra on Spider-Man, click on HERE.

Reassemble Marketing campaign & Avengers Initiative

  • Eliminated an invisible collision barrier to start with of Armor Chase.
  • Within the Cosmic Dice room in Beating the Odds, Companions now not constantly leap off the cliff when attempting to entry the middle platform.
  • Within the Cosmic Dice room in Beating the Odds, if gamers Reload Checkpoint, enemies now not assault them earlier than they even spawn in.
  • Mounted a crash that occurred when returning to the Ant Hill after the Breakout mission.
  • Gamers now not run into an infinite load display screen in Thor’s part on the Golden Gate Bridge when switching between Xbox and Home windows 10 variations.
  • An infinite black display screen now not seems after finishing Mayhem Over Manhattan.
  • Ms. Marvel can correctly attain buttons in The Inhuman Situation across the construction proper earlier than the third goal.
  • Mounted varied crashes on the Xbox and Home windows 10 variations.

Multiplayer & Matchmaking

  • Mounted a crash that occurred when three gamers have been invited to a Strike Staff and accepted it.
  • When a participant stands close to the Struggle Desk in Birnin Zana and one other in the identical Strike Staff goes into Zawavari’s room, the Struggle Desk room now not blacks out.
  • When gamers go to the Social tab and produce other gamers of their Strike Staff selecting the identical Hero, the opposite gamers’ Heroes now appropriately present their chosen outfit.
  • Within the Xbox and Home windows PC variations, a crew of three Strike Staff members can now correctly matchmake so {that a} 4th participant can be part of them.

Artwork & Animation

  • Black Panther’s Royal Legacy Outfits now not clip when he bends down.
  • Black Panther’s Unconquered Outfits now not clips across the waist throughout fight.
  • Performing a Takedown on a Hunter Crawler with Iron Man’s Hulkbuster now animates appropriately.
  • When Thor has the Cosmic Glow Outfit geared up, Mjolnir now correctly glows within the Predominant Menu and Quinjet.
  • Thor’s cape in his Federation Outfit now not clips by way of his physique.
  • Mounted a difficulty the place lasers weren’t showing in a few of Iron Man’s laser assaults.
  • Massive protruding textures now not seem in Iron Man’s again when he performs the Not Only a Flyboy Takedown in his Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2 Outfit.
  • Black Panther’s face now not protrudes from his masks in his Exiles and Heavy the Crown Outfits in sure cutscenes.
  • With Thor’s Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame Outfit geared up, Mjolnir now not disappears when utilizing hammer spin or his ranged energy assault.

Person Interface

  • Mounted a crash within the Home windows Retailer model when dynamic decision scaling was enabled and DLSS is about to dynamic on a 4k Home windows 11 PC.
  • There may be now a Again button within the Bundles part of the Market.
  • Black Panther’s Supernatural Avengers Nameplate 002 now has the proper preview when seen within the Market.
  • Mounted a crash that occurred when trying to buy Iron Man’s Absolutely Loaded Bundle within the Market.
  • When in Excessive-Distinction Mode, the Skip button’s background now expands all through the whole “SKIP” phrase.
  • The Daggers’ Magnifier Perk now states it will increase standing construct up moderately than standing harm.
  • When in a Mega HIve, Hero stats are displayed appropriately within the tooltip when hovering over them within the roster menu.
  • Cosmetics correctly switch and are unlocked when switching between Xbox and Wiindows PC variations.
  • The Takedown immediate is now seen when Black Panther performs one on a Dreadbot.
  • Codex entries for Manhattan Evacuation Zone, Enterprise Ridge, and Medusa Laboratory are correctly unlocked. This repair is retroactive: gamers that already ought to have unlocked these entries now have them, and don’t want to return and re-unlock them.
  • The precise pip of Thor’s Overcharge meter now seems as blue to match his colour scheme as a substitute of purple.
  • The Kimoyo Band’s Auxiliary Bead Perk now states that it will increase standing buildup as a substitute of standing harm to enhance readability of the Perk.
  • Sure Perk percentages like Heroic Cost Charge, Willpower Regen Charge, Important Injury now show their correct values for readability.
  • Numerous subtitle and localization fixes.


  • Iron Man’s Javelin now appropriately applies standing when a Ranged Perk that impacts rockets is provided.
  • In The Sound and the Fury, the digicam now not auto-locks onto Klaw when a participant has it off.
  • The assault indicator for the Hunter Crawler’s grapple hook assault now matches the animation.
  • When Black Widow makes use of Energy Surge, she is now not pushed again when she assaults a Klaw Merc with a Sonic aura.
  • Hawkeye’s Nightstorm Arrow now does harm by way of a Klaw Merc’s Sonic aura.
  • When Ms. Marvel makes use of Embiggen, she is now not pushed again when she assaults a Klaw Merc with a Sonic aura.
  • Black Panther’s Meteoric Affect now does harm by way of a Klaw Merc’s Sonic aura.
  • Black Panther’s Immovable Object Ability’s pulse harm now offers the proper 30% harm.

Gear, Challenges & Rewards

  • Tachyon Surge Perk – We heard your suggestions relating to the change to this perk and wished to share extra info relating to it. The time period “Standing Injury” is meant to reference the quantity of standing construct up that an assault would inflict when dealing harm to a goal, not the precise quantity of injury dealt. Shortly after the Tachyon Surge perk was launched, we recognized a difficulty the place it was making use of a 20-second buff that gave each a 50% bonus to standing construct up and 50% elevated harm. This made it overpowered when in comparison with issues like heroic buffs, expertise, and different gear perks so we took steps to repair that error. To assist alleviate a few of this frustration, we’re bringing again the harm buff, however decreasing the general buff length to 10 seconds.
  • Ms. Marvel Perk Adjustments:
    • Stormranger’s Regalia and Stormranger’s Adornments
      • Changed the Jarvis Barrier perk with Embiggen Impulse growing stun harm whereas Embiggen’d.
    • Marvelous Regalia
      • Changed the generic regen perk with Valorous Spirit, growing Allies crit harm when affected by Staff Spirit.
    • Stormranger’s Coat of Arms, Stormranger’s Crest, Marvelous Armaments, and Marvelous Physique Armor
      • Changed the generic regen perk with Assist Empowerment, giving a average likelihood to realize an intrinsic burst when activating Staff Spirit.
    • Stormranger’s Physique Armor
      • Replaces each generic regen perks with Embiggen Blessing (will increase crit likelihood whereas Embiggen’d) and Polymorph Reserve (will increase Ms. Marvel’s max intrinsic power).
    • Marvelous Nega Bands and Marvelous Clasps
      • Changed Jarvis Barrier perk with Polymorphic Superiority, growing harm from Morning Star and Palm Strike assaults.


  • Captain America Perk Adjustments:
    • Helm of the Tremendous Soldier and Safeguard of the Tremendous Soldier
      • Changed the generic regen perk for Brooklyn Brawler Quake, growing stun harm whereas Brooklyn Brawler is energetic.
      • Changed Rally Cry Extender with Brooklyn Brawler Breaker, growing its harm.
    • Rampart of the Nomad
      • Changed generic regen perk with Eagle’s Cry, growing Rally Cry length.
      • Legendary Stabilizer of the Tremendous Soldier and Conduit of the Tremendous Soldier
    • Stabilizer: changed Captain’s Combo with Powered Precision, which will increase Powered ranged crit likelihood.
    • Conduit: changed Captain’s Combo with Powered Precision, which will increase Powered ranged crit likelihood. Additionally changed Defender’s Cost with Rally Cry Boon, which will increase crit likelihood of all heroes affected by Rally Cry.
      • The Unique model of Stabilizer of the Tremendous Soldier didn’t bear these adjustments, and retains Captain’s Combo.


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  • Iron Man Perk Adjustments:
    • Superior Mark XV Bastion
      • Changed Jarvis Barrier perk with Skyguard Reprieve, which grants intrinsic power on selecting up well being packs.
      • Changed Overcharge Restoration with Restoration Beam, which makes enemies defeated along with your normal Unibeam drop well being packs.
    • Centurion’s Mark XV Doom Fists and Centurion’s Mark XIII Muon Gloves
      • Changed weapon charge of fireside improve perk with Skyguard Dynamo, granting bonus Intrinsic power when selecting up heroic orbs.
    • Centurion’s Mark XV R.T. Node and Centurion’s Mark XIII Muon Ray
      • Changed missile charge of fireside improve perk with Overcharge Breaker, growing additional all harm whereas overcharged.


  • Thor Perk Adjustments:
    • Armor of Asgard’s Scion
      • Changed Jarvis Barrier perk with Odinforce Restoration, growing well being regen drastically whereas Odinforce is energetic.
      • Changed Prolonged Evade with Warrior’s Fury Impulse, growing all stun harm whereas Warrior’s Fury is energetic.
    • Cincture of Asgard’s Scion
      • Changed Jarvis Barrier perk with Aesir’s Blitz, growing Unarmed harm by 30%.
    • Girdle of the Thunderer
      • Changed Odinforce regen perk that was not activating on all assaults with Odin’s Flight, which will increase Odinforce regeneration whereas flying.
    • Hilt of Asgard’s Scion
      • Changed Odin’s Flight with Eitri’s Breaker, which will increase Hammer harm when utilized in Melee.


  • Black Widow Perk Adjustments:
    • Natalia’s Cloak and Natalia’s Embrace
      • Changed Jarvis Barrier perk with Stealth Amplifier, growing standing buildup whereas invisible.
    • Pink Room Uniform and Pink Room Corset
      • Changed Prolonged Evade for Stealth Restoration, drastically growing well being regen whereas invisible.
      • Changed Dazed Immunity for Leeching Strike, which heals a really small portion of max well being on assault.
    • Natasha’s Coil and Natasha’s Ribbon
      • Natasha’s Ribbon: Changed generic Heroic regen perk for Leeching Strike.
      • Natasha’s Coil: changed each generic Heroic regen perks for Leeching Strike and Arsenal Blessing, growing weapon essential likelihood.
    • Pink Room Grasps
      • Changed Jarvis Barrier perk with Infiltrator’s Vengeance, which supplies an opportunity on defeating any enemy to drop an Intrinsic orb.


  • Kate’s Shroud Effector perk description now correctly shows the lacking % image—the perk offers 30% diminished harm, the place earlier than it incorrectly mentioned it gave 30 diminished harm.
  • Hawkeye’s Iconic Outfit is now obtained by finishing his Iconic/Heroic Mission Chain moderately than by way of the Future Imperfect Operation. If you have already got the Outfit, it’ll stay in your assortment unaffected.
  • The Counter Extension perk works appropriately and extends the length of the debuff that’s utilized to enemies after a profitable parry.
  • Ms. Marvel’s Polymorphic Disruptor, Reprieve, and Dynamo Perks now appropriately drop Intrinsic orbs, well being packs, and Heroic orbs respectively.
  • Iron Man’s Skyguard Reprieve and Skyguard Dynamo Perks now appropriately grant Intrinsic Vitality when accumulating well being packs and Heroic orbs, respectively.
  • When enjoying Black Panther, a Strike Staff member who can also be enjoying Black Panther can now not full Problem Card missions for you.
  • Thor’s Asgard’s Privilege Perk now correctly grants Willpower when Overcharged.
  • Ms. Marvel’s Polymorphic Spark now correctly grants Heroic cost charge whereas Polymorph is energetic.
  • Mounted a difficulty that was unintentionally decreasing Hulkbuster harm.
  • Mounted points with a number of perks whereby the displayed worth of the harm bonus or charge of fireside bonus was not being utilized appropriately.
    • Perks that have been affected by this difficulty and are actually mounted are Bunker Buster Missiles, Hyper Flux Lasers, Skyguard Dominion, Polymorphic Superiority, Armory Rush, Archer’s Rush, and Accelerated Muon Repulsors.
  • Mounted the difficulty stopping Hawkeye’s Hivemind Sword with Plasma Break up Shot Arrows from working.
  • Eliminated the Sonic Standing impact from being utilized by way of a few of Captain Americas Heroic and Intrinsic assaults. Sorry Cap mains.
  • Problem Card progress now appropriately carries over between Xbox and Home windows PC variations.
  • The quantity of Fragments gamers get when dismantling gear has been tremendously elevated. To account for this, Bronze Chests rewards have now been standardized: they’ll all the time solely award 1 gear merchandise or ISO-8 as much as Epic Rarity. As an extra balancing measure, these Chests will now award 10 Items as a substitute of the earlier 1 to three Items.
  • Bronze Strongboxes will now not give out Fragments, as is the usual with all tiers of Strongboxes. Solely Stockpile Chests will award Fragments.

Identified Points & Workarounds

  • The Deadly Conduit perk (discovered on Discordant Gear) grants the Sonic Conduit buff to all close by allies upon defeating an enemy with an energetic Vibranium Standing impact. This perk is just not working constantly proper now, and we’re investigating.
  • Black Widow has dyed her hair brown for the Winter when carrying her Monatomic Outfit. Relaxation assured, she will likely be again to her neon purple colour quickly.
  • Gear dismantled in participant’s Gear Locker nonetheless refund sources which can be now not used. It is a visible bug. The right quantity of Fragments and modules are nonetheless being dropped. We’re engaged on a repair for this.
  • There may be one other visible bug the place gear in a participant’s Gear Locker will present the previous improve system. Any gear put into the Locker will present the previous system and eradicating gear from the Locker will present the proper new improve system. We’re investigating this.
  • Any beforehand upgraded gear has an opportunity to drop previous sources when dismantled. It is a visible bug, as you get correct Fragments, however previous sources could present up within the useful resource feed. We’re investigating a repair for this.
  • Within the Management Tower Traversal part of the Raid, a black sphere seems after Iron Man shoots a Klaw Firm Bruiser together with his Repulsors with the Muon Reverberator gear perk geared up. The Iron Man participant is unable to see the black sphere seem. The black sphere ultimately disappears after a while.
  • The Market preview picture for the Spider-Man Emote “Aww Shucks” is inaccurate, and presently reveals the “Apple Toss” Emote as a substitute. You’re going to get the right “Aww Shucks” Emote if you are going to buy.
  • Within the closing part of the battle towards Klaw in Discordant Sound, every time Klaw slams his cannon onto the principle platform, a number of big flying rocks seem, obstructing imaginative and prescient. This occurs when Graphics Mode is about to Highest High quality. We advise utilizing a distinct Graphics Mode in the interim.
  • When dismissing the Gear Improve tutorial, if the Shipments Refreshed message is current earlier than getting into the Character Menu, the sport turns into utterly unresponsive to enter. Restarting the sport will repair this. This difficulty could be prevented by opening the Character Menu when the Shipments Refreshed menu seems.
  • Within the Japan area, the Rise and Shine mission erroneously references a Cargo Voucher reward. Shipments and Cargo Vouchers should not accessible in Japan presently.
  • Gear that’s older than v.2.0.2 is presently unable to be transferred from the Stock Locker to Character Menu/Stock.

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