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Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Daybreak of the Battle Royale!! Overview – Overview

Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Daybreak of the Battle Royale!! Overview – Overview

Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Dawn of the Battle Royale!! Review - Review

Yu-Gi-Oh! could be very close to and pricey to my coronary heart. I’m nonetheless actively amassing and battling with these buying and selling playing cards after practically twenty years. All through the format modifications that Konami has carried out, there nonetheless is a novel playstyle to Yu-Gi-Oh! (YGO) in comparison with different buying and selling card video games like Magic the Gathering and Pokémon. That mentioned, over the previous few years it’s been fascinating to see Konami experiment with new codecs utilizing the YGO IP for spin-off buying and selling card video games. First, there was the extremely widespread Duel Hyperlinks, utilizing a 3×3 format and adjusted guidelines for fast enjoying classes on cell gadgets. That was translated to a bodily buying and selling card model known as Pace Duels, that used related guidelines to Duel Hyperlinks however has its personal card-pool. Japan nonetheless, obtained a completely new format a few years in the past known as RUSH DUEL. Whereas phrase on the road is that this method won’t make its approach west within the bodily kind, Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Daybreak of the Battle Royale!! is presumably the primary style for duelers to check out this new format. The issue is that the sport is so extremely lackluster that it instantly banished all my pursuits for RUSH DUEL to the Shadow Realm.

RUSH DUEL: Daybreak of the Battle Royale!! (RDBR) follows a format that’s much like earlier story-based YGO video video games. You play as a generic character that simply moved to the brand new metropolis the place a brand new dueling card sport is sweeping the nation. This time round you grow to be buddies with the inventors of a brand new format known as Rush Duel. You play Rush Duels towards different residents and gather factors to purchase packs. Rinse and repeat. Whereas the sport makes use of a kind of pleasing visible fashion, the world during which you journey from duel to duel is sluggish and cumbersome to navigate. The characters are extremely annoying and are undoubtedly geared in direction of a youthful viewers, though I’m nonetheless struggling to precisely nail down why these children are so into dueling. My suspicion is that the sport has to tie into the at the moment Japanese unique sequence however can’t intrude with a anonymous participant character. This provides RDBR little or no persona and made me resent enjoying more often than not. Did I point out that the soundtrack is horrible too? It’s full of repetitive tunes that pushed me to flip on a podcast as quickly as attainable.

So what makes Rush Duels stand out from the usual codecs? There’s a few core variations, however the aim of the sport stays the identical: defeat your opponent by lowering their 8000 life factors to zero. By summoning monsters you’ll be able to defeat your opponents playing cards, and there’s spell and lure playing cards to spice up your individual monsters or resist your enemy’s creatures. Rush Duels are particular as a result of there’s no summoning restrict. You may play as many playing cards out of your hand so long as you’ll be able to meet the summoning situation. Which means that degree 5 or above playing cards could be summoned nearly instantly so long as you tribute a monster that you simply’ve already summoned. This does give the sport a really fast-paced really feel when your hand is dealt good. What makes YGO generally a bit extra methodical is that the summon limits within the conventional sport should be circumvented by particular summons and different means, with a purpose to hold as many monsters on the board as attainable or mix them in direction of greater monsters to outwit your opponent. That ties into the second change for Rush Duels, which is the drawing part. Not like common YGO, initially of your flip you get to refill your whole hand as much as 5 playing cards. This may break a standard sport of YGO, however since RDBR makes use of its personal particular card pool, there are some fascinating combos you’ll be able to shortly make. One instance is sending monsters out of your hand to the graveyard to chain their results to will let you summon much more monsters, with no need to attract new playing cards first. It’s undoubtedly noticeable when you have performed the unique card sport earlier than, however this does include the largest downside of the sport: the cardboard pool.

Due to these distinctive guidelines, Rush Duel makes use of its personal playing cards which are completely different from the unique buying and selling card sport. You could acknowledge some monsters, however many of the results are modified to accommodate the brand new guidelines. This makes studying the decks fairly troublesome in case you are a YGO veteran. You want to keep in mind what the brand new playing cards do and how one can adapt to this new format. The place a Blue-Eyes White Dragon beforehand may’ve held you again on the primary flip, now it’s a an simply summonable card that invitations resistance from the opponent in new methods. You’d assume this is able to make RDBR a whole lot of enjoyable, however the continuously sluggish UI and card readability points made each duel a slog to play by. You need to press a separate button to learn the results of playing cards in close-up and in addition sit by a number of seconds of the sport loading the cardboard. The UI is solely not supreme to play a YGO sport that requires you to learn a whole lot of textual content.

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Moreover, the brand new ruleset does “downgrade” the sport, in my eyes. Whereas often constructing in direction of these massive boards with sturdy monsters is what makes YGO enjoyable, in RDBR it is merely a matter of constructing an enormous wall of monsters to cover behind or break by the opposite participant’s wall. Since you’ll be able to play all monsters out of your hand in a single flip, put them in protection place so that you simply take no injury, and wait to attract a greater hand, the sport loses any of its techniques that makes it enjoyable to outsmart opponents. It’s merely a matter of who has the largest stick. It’s nearly as for those who’re displaying up along with your $500 deck to a neighborhood match and enjoying towards a child who has simply purchased a deck off the shelf. There’s not a lot enjoyable in merely stomping on the competitors with none thought.

That is the place my whole expertise with Yu-Gi-Oh! RUSH DUEL: Daybreak of the Battle Royale!! simply fell aside. The boring music, the simplistic graphics fashion, the terrible UI-elements and these new guidelines that make battles a slog to sit down by have made this sport one of many worst YGO experiences I’ve ever had. Legacy of the Duelist: Hyperlink Evolution is a improbable battle simulator that pays homage to the anime and provides you so many playing cards to experiment with. RDBR locks you right into a system that doesn’t appear to grasp what has made YGO so various and enjoyable to play. If something, I’m glad we obtained Rush Duels out of the way in which since subsequent yr will see the discharge of a correct YGO card simulator within the type of Grasp Duel. If that is all we hear of Rush Duel within the West, that might be fantastic by me. With this Battle Royale, everybody finally ends up being the loser.

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